Exporting Clients and Leads as CSV

Need to export a client list (or just leads, prospects, etc)?  Let’s get started! Method #1 Exporting All Clients Go to your My Clients page Click CSV Export This will export ALL the clients profile data to a cvs file that downloads to your computer. The CSV file can be opened by excel and many other software. It […]

Help! My client isn’t receiving my emails!

Help!  My client/affiliate isn’t receiving my emails! They can’t receive their login details?  How can I help them?!?! Yes, this can be maddening, and there are ways to help your client (or affiliate), and to find out what the issue is.  Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. […]

Importing Credit Reports vs Manual – Which is Faster?

Want to use credit reports from any report provider in the world? You can! Our software can be used many different ways.  We want to provide as many options as possible. So you can IMPORT or add items manually. The choice is yours.  Here’s info about both: “Importing” credit reports looks cool, […]

Start a Credit Repair Business in Australia

Credit Repair in Australia is surprisingly similar to credit repair in the USA. Easier, in fact, because most folks will only need to work with reports from 2 bureaus Veda and Dunn & Bradstreet. Here’s how to scale a recurring-revenue business in Australia (or any country with the credit bureau system) […]

Creating Custom Web Lead Forms

Our web lead form is a simple and awesome tool. Potential clients can visit your site, request more information and they appear as leads in your Credit Repair Cloud like magic.  Or they can sign up on your site and if you have a Chargebee plan they can enter credit card […]

Can I get FICO Scores?

The 6 credit monitoring services that our software can import from are “consumer services” that resell reports and scores directly from the credit bureaus; they’re not FICO scores, they are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union scores. They only cost the client $1 for the report and score (a real bargain) and […]

Can I pull credit reports for my client?

Unfortunately, no. No credit report provider will allow a credit repair company to “pull reports” for Credit Repair Clients. It’s against their terms of service. Yes, if you’re a mortgage broker or auto dealer, you will already have access to professional services to pull reports and FICO scores for your […]