How do you increase credit scores?


Here’s how credit repair works:

  1. Most credit reports have errors (79%). Remove the errors first and you’ll have results in 30 days.
  2. You can dispute any item on a credit report. If that item can’t be verified, it must be removed. Along the way letters need to be generated. Our software makes this super-fast and keeps it super-organized. If you have a credit repair business, that’s why you would use our software.
  3. Never dispute more than 5 items to any credit bureau within a 30 day period. Otherwise they will mark your disputes as “frivolous” and throw them out. The largest credit repair companies only dispute 2-3 items per month.
  4. Educate your clients to: stop applying for credit, pay bills on time, and pay all revolving credit down to under 25% of the available credit line (and never exceed 25% ever, if you pay it to zero each month). The client portal has finance tools and information that you can go over with your clients.