Affiliate Payments and Tracking


A big part of building a successful Credit Repair Cloud business is building your affiliates. What exact are affiliates you ask? Affiliates are an essential part of a Credit Repair Business. Affiliates are the guys that refer you clients. We recommend putting on a nice suit and going to your local banks, car dealerships, and anywhere where having good credit is a key essential to running their business.


Most people will offer a commission to someone who refers a client to them. This  will keep your affiliates motivated to keep sending more clients to you. Here is a great article that will walk you through how to make your affiliates love you:


Once you have established an affiliate relationship, its time to setup their payment arrangement. The credit repair cloud makes it SUPER EASY to track your affiliates payments  with just a few clicks!


Let me show you how :


To start out you want to click “My Company” from your dashboard :

you will want need to select “Affiliate Payments”


Here you can track your affiliate payment by the “clients” they refer you or by the “leads.” You can also select how often you would like to pay your affiliates: weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.You can also choose to show your affiliates their earning in their portal, however, this is not recommended:


Another neat feature is that you  can also record payments, set the rate for each affiliate, track their payment history here:


This folks, is how you manage your affiliate’s payments. The relationship between your affiliates and you is so important! Having affiliates is a huge part of building a successfully Credit Repair business. Remember: Credit Repair Cloud, DOES NOT pay your affiliates for you. Our software makes it super easy for you to maintain and track your affiliate’s payments.

Here are a few other awesome articles , be sure and check them out :


Now go put on a nice suit and go get some affiliates!  You can do it!