Using Simple Audit (credit analysis report)

Simple Audit: 1-Click Credit Analysis Report This was our big Summer project!  Import a credit report and click 1-button to create an awesome Credit Analysis Report that breaks down your client’s credit issues and explains your plan of action. It now works for Leads and Prospects, making this your greatest sales tool!  Add to […]

Using IdentityIQ in Credit Repair Cloud

Working with IdentityIQ Credit Reports! Watch this quick video to learn about IdentityIQ Importing: We’re super excited today to announce that Credit Repair Cloud can now import IdentityIQ reports! IdentityIQ reports are awesome because they don’t require any special browser plugins, because there is a button right in the report to […]

How to Import A credit Report from Identity IQ

The Credit Report Import Tool is one of our greatest features.  Before you get started on this, please keep this in mind… Importing the credit report can be “challenging” the very first time you do it because there are specific tools you’ll need and very specific steps to follow — and those steps all happen […]

How to Reset My Default Client Agreement

Did you accidentally mess up your default agreement and need to start over?  Here’s how to reset the original default agreement: 1. Log in 2. Click on MY COMPANY>CLIENT AGREEMENT 3. Click on ADD NEW AGREEMENT 4. Click on “Add original Default Agreement Text” 5. Give it a name 6. Save! […]

Where Can I get Credit Repair Training & Certification?

  Starting a credit repair business?  Get Credit repair training and a certificate at The American Credit Repair Academy! This affordable training course has videos, books, quizzes, a forum and will teach you how to repair your own credit and then turn that skill into a profitable recurring revenue business — and at the […]

Which credit bureau address should I send disputes to?

Many people ask what addresses they should be sending disputes to. Especially if a letter happens to get returned to them. Here’s the dealio… If you’re using credit repair cloud, you’re sending to the correct addresses. The 3 Bureau addresses loaded into your Credit Repair Cloud are the very same […]

Why am I being automatically logged off? (timeout)

Yes, this can be annoying to be automatically timed out. Here is a logical explanation and an easy solution: HERE’S AN EXPLANATION: Timeouts after 20-30 minutes of inactivity happen because that is how the web browsers are designed. It’s not something we created in our software to annoy you, and […]