Part 4: Creating dispute letters for client

Wizard 3 is where you generate all dispute letters for clients. It auto-merges client/credit data into a perfect dispute letter in seconds. All new clients start with a Round 1 Dispute. Next “Add New Items” manually or “Add Saved/Pending . You can add the items manually or you can use items […]

Part 3: Importing online credit report

The Credit Report Import Tool is one of our greatest features.  **Just remember, this is technical, it requires certain tools (all free), certain steps (watch the videos) and it will take some practice.  If you’re new to Credit Repair Cloud and have difficulty with importing reports, just click here to schedule a […]

Part 2: Create a client

To creata a client Click the “Client Tab”   Click on “Add New Client” button Enter all your clients information Congratulations! You have added your first client. Part 3: Importing online credit report Getting help with Credit Repair Cloud Got a question? Click here to send us a support ticket email and we will […]