Refund Policy

Bad refund policies are infuriating. You feel like the company is just trying to rip you off. We never want our customers to feel that way, so our refund policy is simple: If you’re ever unhappy with Credit Repair Cloud, for any reason, just drop us an email and we’ll […]

Importing Clients from another software

Can Credit Repair Cloud import clients from another Credit Repair Software? The simple answer is yes! The longer answer is yes, we can import the client’s contact information in the client profile but no, we cannot import all their records, files and history from another credit repair software.  We’re not partners […]

Web Hosting Security

Security is our #1 concern. You might sound friendly but we don’t know you. Please respect our rules of security. Always write a NEW support ticket from the same email address you signed up with. No bank will discuss your account with a 3rd party. Neither will we. Only write us from the […]

Help! My Client’s Credit Card Declined!

If you have customers with credit issues you’re going to get some declines, it’s all part of the gig. Just remember that the software makes it very easy and fast, so you’re really only spending a few minutes a month on each client, so don’t sweat the small stuff.  Follow […]

I cannot right click in the credit report!

TROUBLESHOOTING RIGHT CLICK IN PRIVACYGUARD AND OTHER REPORT PROVIDERS We have folks importing credit reports daily. Some of the providers do have right-click blocked, so for that we give you links to chrome and the right click extension for chrome, and we have all the tools you need in the Import […]

Got your first client! Now what?

First of all, congratulations! Before you add any client into Credit Repair Cloud… **IMPORTANT** Before getting started, please download this 1 page PDF that will give you a visual look at the Flow of each client as you start to build your business: Download this PDF Chart below: Profitable-Credit-Repair-Business-Flow.pdf Did you […]

Can I charge upfront fees for Credit Repair?

Q: Some states don’t want you to charge upfront for credit repair. Why? A: To protect consumers from shady types who will take a large fee upfront and then disappear.   How you handle your business is up to you.  Our philosophy is to always give awesome service.  That is how you build relationships and grow […]

Introduction: How Does Credit Repair Work?

Credit Repair works because of the law The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any item on a credit report.  If the item cannot be verified, it must be removed.  This is the basis of all credit repair. Credit Bureaus make a lot of mistakes Nearly […]

Why is my account suspended?

There are a few reasons your account could be suspended including Overdue Balance (for that, click here) Abuse Trademark/Copyright Infringement (DMCA) How to resolve Chargeback If you have any questions regarding any of these categories, please email us directly. What is a Chargeback? A chargeback is a reversal of funds […]

How do I add a new Credit Card to my plan?

For Credit Repair Cloud Users:   Log in to Credit Repair Cloud Click on MY ACCOUNT>UPDATE CREDIT CARD Add your card details For Web Hosting (here are 3 options): If you just want to add a new card to an active account: a) Log in to your hosting control panel […]