Affiliate Payments and Tracking

  A big part of building a successful Credit Repair Cloud business is building your affiliates. What exact are affiliates you ask? Affiliates are an essential part of a Credit Repair Business. Affiliates are the guys that refer you clients. We recommend putting on a nice suit and going to […]

Top 5 tips for FANTASTIC customer support

Great customer service is hard to come by! We have developed this list to help you provide  your customers with phenomenal customer support ! By providing your customers with excellent support , they will continue to pay your monthly fee—and will also tell everyone they know how great you are! […]

Fixing your Right-Click Enabler the expert way

So you’re trying to import your credit report but unfortunately, your right-click isn’t working!  No worries, hopefully this article will help guide you in successfully importing a Credit Report! The first thing you want to do is follow the steps listed here: Next : 1.    Please make sure you are […]


Frequently asked questions   A credit repair business run properly is ethical, helps your community and earn big profit. It’s an easy business to scale because the work is about 5 minutes per client per month (if you’re doing it right). If you’re just getting started, remember that any new business takes time to learn and […]