Can I charge upfront fees for Credit Repair?


Q: Some states don’t want you to charge upfront for credit repair. Why?

A: To protect consumers from shady types who will take a large fee upfront and then disappear.  

How you handle your business is up to you.  Our philosophy is to always give awesome service.  That is how you build relationships and grow a recurring revenue service.  After you’ve given awesome service, and have done awesome work for your client, there is no reason why you can’t be paid for that work you’ve already done!

Remember, your job is document processing and credit education.  

You deserve to be paid every step of the way for all the awesome services you provide. We’re a software company, so we cannot give you legal advice, but we can tell you how the biggest national companies in credit repair handle getting paid

America’s largest Credit Repair Firms, all charge a “First Work” fee, but they do not charge this up-front.  Instead, they charge a “First work Fee” after the first round of letters have been created and saved.  If you work in this manner, you’re always being paid for work you have ALREADY done.


Credit Repair is a recurring revenue business.

Success comes from making clients happy. The dispute letters themselves take you less than 5 minutes per client each month (click click click).  We make it easy with software, but the bigger part of your job is to teaching them how to manage their credit so they maintain their great score long after your work is done.  It’s about helping people and doing a service for your community.  If you approach your business in this right way,  word of mouth will build, referrals will increase and more clients will continue to pay your monthly recurring fee.  Then just add more clients and your revenue will grow. That’s how you scale this simple business.

Here’s an awesome Credit Repair Business Calculator for projections on pricing scenarios.

Remember, as a credit repair specialist, you are providing:

  • Document Processing (creating all these letters for your client).
  • Credit Education (guiding your client on how to maintain their great credit after your work is done).

Credit Repair requires letters to be created each month.  You deserve to be paid for work you have ALREADY done.

What’s the best way to charge a credit card after the first work has been done?


Our ChargeBee billing integration can be set to collect “first work” payment automatically AFTER the round 1 letters have been saved.

You’ll find ChargeBee by logging into your Credit Repair Cloud and clicking MY COMPANY>CHARGEBEE.  Chargebee  will trigger a payment automatically after you create and save the first round of letters in the dispute wizard.  Just be sure to set up plans to accommodate that if you wish to bill that way.

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