I Cannot Change Report Providers for my Client!


Has this happened to you?

You import a credit report for a client, and then a month or so later the client wants to use a different type of free credit report,  you try to import and it’s blocked for change?  Yes, this will happen. It’s for an important reason.  But don’t worry, there’s an logical explanation and a solution:

Here’s the explanation:

When you import a credit report for a client, that’s when you choose (and save) the credit report provider you are importing from.  Later, after you’ve imported a credit report for that client, it’s not possible to change report providers for that same client, the other choices will not be available.



Each report provider writes the information a bit differently, so importing from multiple providers for the same client would create mess of duplicate records.  That’s why we have warnings in the page about this. For that reason changing providers (after you’ve already imported for a client) is disabled for everyone.

The client must forward the response letters to you

Yes, our software can import twice and it will update changes, but it wont give you the important information that is on the response letter from the credit bureau or creditor. You cannot do credit repair without seeing the responses to your disputes, so that’s why it’s important to ask your client forward “all correspondence” to you.  The client must participate in the process. Otherwise credit repair is impossible.

So if you’ve read all this and you still want import twice for the same client, here are some solutions:

  • Import from the same provider you used before. Then changes will update (but remember this will be a waste of time because you wont have the important information in the dispute response letter from the bureau/creditor).
  • If you’re just wanting to update credit items and you have the response letter, click here for an easy and faster way to update credit item changes. (This is always the best solution!)
  • If there’s some unusual reason why you need to start things over for this client with a different provider, you can certainly delete their client profile and add a new one.

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