How do I process payments for client credit cards?

  1. Before you can collect credit card payments from clients you must have a Merchant Account and Gateway. Click here for information
  2. Next, signup for ChargeBee.  Your first month will be free if you sign up from inside your Credit Repair Cloud account at My Company>ChargeBee..

ChargeBee is a leading recurring billing platform (and the most affordable we’ve ever seen). ChargeBee was founded by members of ZOHO, and their team are fantastic. This special integration is the first automated payment system ever designed specifically for the Credit Repair Industry!

Our ChargeBee integration handles all common types of credit repair billing:

  • Monthly recurring payments
  • Pay-per-delete (triggered by status change)
  • 1-time charges.
  • Automated email notifications
  • Dunning management for declined cards
  • Invoice billing
  • Client Signup from your website
  • Collect payment at start — or delay until after “first work” (Round 1 letters)
  • Syncs with Credit Repair Cloud accounting
  • Compatible with and all major Gateways

1. Set up your Chargebee plans

2. Add Chargebee plans to your web lead form, so you can take credit cards on your website!

3. Add your web lead form to your website!


Getting help with Credit Repair Cloud


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