How to add a Creditor’s Mailing Address (for reports you’ve imported)


Online Credit Reports never contain creditor addresses.  Since most dispute letters are sent to bureaus, this is rarely an issue, but in the rare event that you’re sending a Round 2 (or higher) letter directly to a Creditor/Furnisher here’s a new way to insert their address, so it will can be used by the Dispute Wizard.

1. Log into the clients dashboard and click on the “Dispute Items” tab


2. Find the item you’re wanting to send the creditor letter to and click the pencil icon (for “edit”)


3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and add the creditors mailing address. Then save.


Voila!  Now when you Run Wizard 3 to create a ROUND 2 (or Higher) letter for a Creditor, the address will populate into the letter!

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