How to I print letters without credit repair cloud showing on the letter?


Removing our website URL header and footer from your dispute letters

Dispute Letters should never have our URL printed on them.  If this is happening to your letters here is a very easy solution

Change the print setting in your web browser:

The issue of our URL is printing on the top of your dispute letters is not caused by Credit Repair Cloud.  This problem is caused by your own settings in your web browser.  This link will help you to change the setting in Internet Explorer and FireFox so it will never happen again:

Is that link not helping?  

Here’s another link that might be better for you:  It takes about 30 seconds to change the setting — and your letters will always print correctly after that.

Are you using Google Chrome?  

If so, here’s a screencast to show you how to remove the header and footer from the print options when printing letters:

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