How to start a credit repair business (Webinar)

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Want to start a credit repair business?

A Credit Repair business has a high profit potential and  you can start with just a computer and a phone.  This makes it a very affordable startup.  Want to learn more about what it takes to start a credit repair business?  Want to learn how the *business* itself works?  How to get clients?  What to charge?  How to dispute items to credit bureaus?  Watch our recent 60 minute webinar featuring Daniel Rosen and Keenan Jones of Credit Repair Cloud, plus special guest Harry Snedden, certified FICO Specialist.



Show notes:

(Daniel) It’s showtime!   Welcome everyone! We’re here today with Keenan Jones who is our Product and Success Manager — and our special guest Harry Snedden from The American Credit Repair Academy.



Harry is a Certified FICO Professional with over 20 years of experience in training credit repair professionals. And later on, we’re gonna to open it up for some questions — so get your questions ready. And let’s get started!



Back in 2002 I invented the very first credit repair software so we’ve been at this a very long time.  Initially it was a home software for consumers. But mortgage brokers started wanting bigger versions (to sell more loans) and it grew and grew and grew.


and a decade later we launched credit repair cloud which is a self contained turn-key business  —  you just add clients. It’s easy to use and easy to scale.


AS BUSINESSES GO, THIS IS A VERY AFFORDABLE STARTUP.  All you need is a computer and a phone.   It’s very affordable.


And the software pays for itself with your first few clients —- and all the rest is profit!



Mortgage brokers, Auto Dealers, Attorneys, CPA and Entrepreneurs.  We have thousands of users in over 450 cities.  So lets talk about the credit repair business.


Credit Repair as a “business” has been around for decades, but we’ve supercharged it with software to to automate most of the work, reducing it to less than 5 minutes per client per month.  We have more than 100 videos on our site to show you how the software works, how to import reports etc…so today we’re just going to focus on how to build a profitable “recurring-revenue” business, because that’s our specialty.



When you work a normal job, you get paid by the hour or by the task. You’ll never get rich that way. Instead, you’re making someone else rich!  THE SECRET TO WEALTH is by making money while you sleep!




Recurring revenue!  Recurring Revenue is the secret to wealth. Here’s the recipe… Charge a monthly recurring fee. It must be affordable. Keep your clients happy and give an awesome value (so they continue to pay).  And then to grow it, just add a few more clients every month. It really is that simple. You do that and your revenue WILL Grow larger every month. And it will start to look like this.


This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  It takes hard work.  But it pays off. Now I’m not going to tell you what to charge your clients, thats your business, but hypothetically, if you start with 30 clients who each pay you $79 a month, that’s over $2000 profit in your first month.  Then add 30 more clients each month, that’s just 1 each day, that’s a very attainable goal.  And you can see how quickly that starts to add up.  By month 6 you’re making over $13,000 a month — and by month 12 you’re making over $26,000 a month!  All you have to do is add more clients than you lose. That’s it!

How do you get all these clients?


Some will be from word of mouth of course.  And that grows over time. You might want to advertise, but that’s really not necessary.   The best way to get more clients is with AFFILIATES!


Affiliates are mortgage brokers, realtors, auto dealers who refer clients to you.    Here’s the secret to getting a lot of affiliates…(slide)


Get some comfortable shoes and a nice suit.


Go out and meet every mortgage broker, realtor and auto dealer in your area  They meet a ton of people every day who need your help. Shake their hands and offer to pay them a commission for each client that they refer to you,  It’s a win-win for everyone.  They get paid, they sell more loans and you’ll have a nice steady flow of clients with no money spent on advertising. And then here’s the magical secret ingredient that will grow your business more than anything…BE AWESOME!   GIVE AWESOME SERVICE!


Then your happy clients will continue to pay you each month and they’ll tell their friends. Awesome service is everything because you’re in a people business.  And these people are coming to you for help because you’re the expert.



EDUCATE YOUR CLIENTS:  Explain the process of credit repair. Teach them how to manage their credit: To pay bills on time. To pay credit cards down and to to stop applying for credit.  Help them to speed up the process and to maintain their good credit long after your work is done. And there are tools in Credit Repair Cloud and in the Client Portal to help them with that.


We also give awesome service because we want you to be successful. Otherwise you won’t need our software. So we are here for you every step of the way, because if you’re successful, we’re successful. So now, on that note, I’d like to introduce you to Keenan who is our product and success manager (and the smartest person I’ve ever met), and he’s going to tell you how we can help you to be more successful, hey Keenan!


(Keenan segment)  Okay thanks Keenan, and now for our Special Guest, Harry Snedden.

Software is awesome, and it saves you a LOT of time, but software is just a tool. How you run your business and your success rate on items you dispute are all up to you and your knowledge of credit repair. If you’re just getting started with your business, you must learn your craft.

We recommend that you get training at…the American Credit Repair Academy, it’s very affordable and it’s run by our special guest Harry Snedden.  Harry is a Certified FICO Professional with over 20 years of experience in coaching and training credit repair professionals. He is a leading authority of Credit Repair in America….


And today he’s going to give you some credit repair basics. So if you have questions for Harry, please write them here in our webinar interface and we’ll take questions and answers at the end the webinar.  Hey Harry…

(Harry segment)


Thanks Harry!  That was so GREAT!  Okay we got a few minutes left, so let’s open it up to some of these awesome questions that we have received.  Keenan?

(Question segment)

This was awesome.  I’d say for a first webinar this went very well.  Thank you Harry .  Thank you Keenan.  And thanks everyone out there for your time, and for joining in.  We wish you a profitable business. Have a great rest of your day!