I cannot right click in the credit report!



We have folks importing credit reports daily. Some of the providers do have right-click blocked, so for that we give you links to chrome and the right click extension for chrome, and we have all the tools you need in the Import Credit Reports page.  So if you don’t have these tools, log in to any client (or even Sample Client) and click on IMPORT ONLINE CREDIT REPORTS and that will take you to a page with all the tools you need (and they are free).  We also have videos to guide you.

If you have difficulty getting the Chrome extensions to work for right click…

Or if you’re having difficulty with a certain type of credit report, it is  important to remember that this all happens in another company’s site and with another company’s software and we can’t control your experience with another company’s product. That’s going to take some trial and error on your part. If you’re not a technical person, that may be frustrating.

Here are some thing stop try:

Still not working? Lets add logic

The only thing we can control is our own software, so if the usual steps for these other products work for everyone else but not for you, here are some other options…

For most people, the steps and tools in our import page work flawlessly, but…

  • A few people have needed to completely uninstall and then reinstall chrome
  • and some folks needed to try a few different right click extensions…

Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome often solves the problem, but on 1 occasion there was a gentleman whose security software prevented the right click extension from working. For that one person, the solution was to use one of the other providers who don’t require the right click extension to see the source code.

Remember, if you have trouble with reports from one provider, try another.  They only cost $1.

These 3 providers don’t need any special right-click software to view the source code:

  • FreeScore.com (no extension needed)
  • FreeScore360.com (no extension needed)
  • Scoresense.com (no extension needed) (least desirable)

These 3 providers do need the right click Chrome extension to view the source code:

  • PrivacyGuard.com (requires right click chrome extension)
  • enhanced.wellsfargoprotection.com (requires right click chrome extension)
  • IdentitySecure.com (requires right click chrome extension)

If the right click enabler is still not working for you, here’s what to do:

Try reinstalling chrome and all of the  chrome extensions we’ve listed in the import page. Then check settings in Chrome to make sure they are enabled. If none of them work for you, then it probably means you have a conflict on your computer (possibly your security software) and that’s most likely why the right click enabler isn’t working. In that case, try a different provider that doesn’t require right click.  They each cost your client $1.

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