How to save the source code of a credit report to your computer

Many people ask us how to go back see the client’s original credit report, where we store it, etc.  

The truth is, we actually don’t store it.  It’s too large a file!  We only import the credit items from that credit report (which you can see in the client’s “Dispute Items” page.  The only way to see the original credit report is at the original site where the client ordered the credit report.

So what if you want to see that report again later? 

You either log back in to the account at the provider’s site to see it all over again in it’s natural habitat…or, you save the source code of the credit report that first time you see it. Many people like to do this they can refer to later.

Here’s a video that will show you how super easy it is to save the credit report source code to your own computer.

Want to learn to import credit reports? 

Awesome.  A tutorial is here Import Credit Reports into Credit Repair Cloud.


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