How do I setup an online agreement for my client to sign?

Set up online agreements in MY COMPANY>CLIENT AGREEMENT

New client’s can sign your agreement on their first visit to your portal. Signed agreements with timestamp and IP are saved to your Digital Signature Records page. Want to see what it’s like for a client? Click here for a client portal demo.  Using an online agreement (or not) depends upon your own personal preference.

Most users use the same one agreement for all clients. They add their pricing to paragraph 3 and leave the rest as-is. If you have additional pricing plans (i.e. “married couple,” etc.), create additional master agreements.

Before making edits: Be sure to save a copy of the original default agreement (in case you make a mistake) and watch the video below before making any changes. Our default agreement will automatically merge your client and company details with no editing needed.

Please note: Be sure to complete your company profile page and add pricing to your agreement before you place it in any client’s profile, because once you’ve saved an agreement to a client’s profile, that client’s agreement can never change. Any new changes to your master agreement will not affect the agreements you’ve already saved to client profiles. To change an agreement already saved to a client profile, you must delete that client’s profile and start over.

Did you accidentally mess up your agreement and need to start over? 

Here’s how to reset the original default agreement:

1. Log in
4. Click on “Add original Default Agreement Text”
5. Give it a name
6. Save!

Here’s a screencast:

I hope you have a great rest of your day!

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