Using IdentityIQ in Credit Repair Cloud

Working with IdentityIQ Credit Reports!

Watch this quick video to learn about IdentityIQ Importing:

We’re super excited today to announce that Credit Repair Cloud can now import IdentityIQ reports!

IdentityIQ reports are awesome because they don’t require any special browser plugins, because there is a button right in the report to download the source code. And the best part is, they have an affiliate program! This will allow you to share in the revenue from your client’s subscription to credit monitoring!

Want to become an affiliate? 

Here is the step-by-step process to get started with using IdentityIQ for your clients in Credit Repair Cloud:

1. Click to visit your “My Company>Credit Monitoring Service” settings

2. Click “Learn How To Become An Affiliate” to apply to be an Affiliate! (optional, but recommended) If you do become an affiliate, then just add that affiliate link (the offer code you receive from IdentityIQ) to this page and start earning commissions on all your credit monitoring signups!

3. Please watch this short video for instructions on to setup IdentityIQ as your default provider for Client Onboarding to allow your new clients to signup for IdentityIQ with ease.

Check out this Video

4. Then follow the video above to see the steps for importing the reports. It’s a little different than the other providers…but easier!

  1. You’ll open the report, click the button that says “Download Report”
  2. Next, open that new report that you just downloaded
  3. Right-click in the report and choose “Show Page Source” (NOT “frame source”)
  4. Copy that page source and paste it into the import page of Credit Repair Cloud.

And if you keep your clients signed up for credit monitoring, bingo, those commissions will grow and you have a new stream of passive income!

PS: If you would like assistance with Importing IdentityIQ reports into Credit Repair Cloud, Click here to schedule a call with us so we can assist you personally!