Fixing your Right-Click Enabler the expert way

So you’re trying to import your credit report but unfortunately, your right-click isn’t working!  No worries, hopefully this article will help guide you in successfully importing a Credit Report! The first thing you want to do is follow the steps listed here:

Next :
1.    Please make sure you are using Google Chrome, as this is browser that works best with our software.
2.    Click the “Allow Right-Click Extension for Chrome” picture which will take you to the google chrome store. A page will pop up with the header “right-click enabler.” In the top right corner, there will be a box that will be blue that states “free”. You will need to click the “free” button to add this extension to chrome.
3.    Another window will appear and you will select the “add” option.
4.    I also recommend to add this right-click extension as well:

Once you have added this, you can close out of the window. I highly recommend going back into the Credit Repair Cloud, and selecting the“Allow Right-Click Extension for Chrome” photo again to open the page once more to make sure the extension was added.

To confirm that you have added the right-click extension, the top corner icon will no longer be blue and state “free.” The new icon will appear green and state “added to chrome.”

Enable right click. Disable “right click disable” site. Test on this page. Source code is here.…
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